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SAFFRONADE DRINKS is a unique innovative brand that specialises in creating refreshing and vitalising drinks. Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality beverages that not only taste great but also offer numerous body benefits. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to using only the finest ingredients, we have created a range of delicious and rejuvenating drinks that are loved by people of all ages. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition. At SAFFRONADE, we believe that good health starts from within, and our beverages are carefully crafted to nourish both the body and the soul. Try our signature SAFFRONADE SPORT, a powerful tonic that boosts energy and enhances performance. BE CAREFUL, SAFFRONADE SPORT REALLY WORKS. Whether you're looking for a refreshing pick-me-up or a healthy alternative to sugary drinks, SAFFRONADE has something for everyone. Join us on this journey towards a healthier and more vibrant life.

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          How do you start your day? Well that firstly depends upon your age, social, financial status and familial surroundings. Each as important as the other. Except personal predjudices both enhance and limit that matrix outcome. There is no perfect score, that is the impossible dream! Which all leads to your well being mindfulness. So bored already? Cut to the video tiktok or please be wise and read on.
Let's start at the beginning of those who are allowed to drink this range of SAFFRONADE, over SIXTEEN YEARS OLD. At EIGHTEEN, DON'T LEAVE SCHOOL WITHOUT GRADUATING WITH SOMETHING! Congratulations on graduating from school. Life's hurdles await you. Firstly, well actually about twentieth down the list, after finding a partner, sports, social and other things in life more fun, needing to find an apprenticeship or tertiary studies you enjoy requires good sleep, eating well, excercise to create stamina from stored energy. Except the breakdown of this cycle ages us and can cause cellular mutations due to inflammatory reponses breaking down cellular communications, like when the internet goes down, or you're out of data. Stuff goes wrong!
Under 25 years old and single, no children, partying and work/study during the day for a trade or profession, you might need a Kick start to your day with Saffronade KICK, our Amazonian plant based caffeine kick without the adrenaline. Better still, for those more health conscious, consume SAFFRONADE THE ORIGINAL of turmeric, saffron and minerals and vitamins to save the plethora of multivamin pills. Then during exercise, at any time, use SAFFRONADE SPORT that combines 19 essential amino acids nutritive effects with CoQ10 for vitalising essential cells. When combined with KICK and the two Amazonian caffeine plants without adrenaline effects, may offer maximum benefit. Our drink ranges require multi-combinations to enjoy the results. All the drinks contain turmeric and saffron spices for a unique flavour.
Or are you starting to mature, thinking about a long term partner and found love, a difficult thing, something that finds you, rather than to pursue, like happiness. This is spontaneous and requires a special blend of friendship, occasion and place, something that weakens under duress, compromise endures, but love never expires. These are memories cherished as you grow older. For the nearly and thirty somethings trying to move forward in life's intricate web of influences and tribulations, with a young family, new debts to live, and stress you never had earlier, striving to gain financial stability and move forward in one's career. Saffronade THE ORIGINAL in the morning may provide you vitamins and minerals and SPORT for amino acids, turmeric with Co-Enzyme Q10 or ubiquinone, for that busy day burning ATP, ADENOSINE TRISPHOSPHATE. Very unstable, and breaks down before you next blink. Except suddenly the years pass by and your middle aged. Some kept up their fitness and health, most relinquished to the fatigue and stress of children, business and work, mortgage and the speed life that has been created by marketers selling you stuff you don't need, but want. Except now, mid forties to late fifties, health issues are catching up! Bug-ah. No SAFFRONADE KICK in the morning anymore, just the recommended two cans of THE ORIGINAL, ONE TWICE A DAY, plus your two SPORT for essential amino acids the diet may be lacking. Eat well, sleep and exercise. Then in the sixties to eighties, we need the combination of KICK AND THE ORIGINAL again to invigorate vitality, assuming the medications don't contraindicate consuming the supplement tonic and caffeinated beverage. Or just drink FUN, for the discerning palate for any occasion.

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